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Top Roofing Trends to Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

close up of slate roofing trend for long lasting roof

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or are looking for ways to upgrade your home, curb appeal really matters.

75% of homeowners who invest in their home’s exterior say they have a greater desire to be home afterward. Adding curb appeal can involve any number of home improvement tasks, such as planting a front garden, painting the exterior, or repaving the driveway.

Today, we’re going to discuss roof maintenance as a way to elevate your home’s look in the neighborhood. We’ll look at some of the biggest roofing trends and give you some essential roofing tips to keep your roof looking good and strong for years to come.

Should you decide to sell, roof maintenance, repair, or replacement all have significant ROI. Keep reading and use this as your roofing guide to improve the look and feel of your home.

Brighter Colors

roofing trends of more colorful asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles remain the most popular roofing choice because they’re affordable, durable, and look the part. When most homeowners imagine what a roof should look like, they probably picture asphalt shingles.

What some homeowners don’t realize, however, is how much variety you can get with asphalt shingles. The trend in previous years has been to go for the monochromatic look with dark shingles and a lighter coat of paint on the house.

This year, we’re seeing more people opt for vibrant shingles to make their homes stand out more against the rest. There are aesthetic and practical benefits to choosing this type of roof.

When it comes to looks, having a bright roof immediately sets you apart from your neighbors. In terms of curb appeal, this is something that homeowners and buyers both enjoy. 

Practically speaking, brighter roofs have more reflectivity, which makes it easier to cool your home in the summer months. Choosing vibrant asphalt shingles will lower your bills while boosting your home’s overall look. 

Metal Roofing

As one of the top roofing companies in the Philadelphia area, we’ve seen how residential metal roofing has grown in popularity. One of the appeals of metal roofing is how durable it is. It stands up to the elements in ways that no other roofing material can.

A recent trend we’ve been seeing a lot lately is using metal as an accent to your roof on your front porch or portico. This is great for those who don’t prefer the look of a full metal roof but still want their home to stand out with a nice metal accent.

metal roofing trends with standing seam metal roof type

The other great thing about metal roofing is that it can add significant curb appeal to your home. It’s not just one type of metal that we deal with. We use various metal roofing options – copper, standing seam, tin, stainless steel, etc. – so you can choose what looks and feels best to you.

Whatever material you choose, you’ll be adding to the value of your home. Metal roofing can last up to 70 years, so if you ever decide to sell your home, it becomes a significant selling feature because the new buyer won’t have to replace the roof anytime soon.

Besides that, metal roofing looks great and really sets you apart from other homes in your neighborhood. Not every roof installer has experience with metal roofing, however. If you want it installed the right way from a company that’s been doing it for decades, O’Donnell Roofing is the only choice.


There are ways to tangibly boost your home’s curb appeal by doing nothing but installing a new roof. Materials like slate tiles and cedar shake are striking and immediately draw the eye up. They give your home a touch of class, but they’re also durable and energy-efficient materials.

Slate tiles are among the most expensive roofing materials available, but they’re nicknamed “the forever roof” because of their durability. Most slate roofs that we install will last for 100 or more years, so you’ll never have to think about replacing them.

Both natural and composite slates are beautiful and durable, so you’ll need to choose the one that speaks to you. The installation process involves carefully placing each individual tile, one at a time, with the end result being something that truly elevates your home.

The one thing you need to consider with slate is that it’s quite heavy. Your home needs to be framed in such a way that it can support the tiles. Schedule an inspection and we’ll let you know if your home can bear the weight of this amazing and trendy roofing material.


close up of cedar shake roofing trend

As mentioned above, cedar shake is another premium roofing material that can truly elevate your curb appeal. It’s made of natural wood materials and is one of the oldest types of roofing in the world. They have a unique and pleasing look, especially as the wood fades into a rustic gray over the years.

If you take roof maintenance seriously, your cedar shake roof can last up to 50 years. Our installation process ensures that your roof is incredibly durable and able to withstand moisture, pests, and rot. With a well-maintained cedar roof, your home will have an old-world dimension to it.

Sustainable Roofing

The latest roofing trend that we’re going to discuss today is one that adds curb appeal through financial savings and eco-consciousness. Sustainable roofing can come in many forms, but the most obvious comes with solar panel installation.

When you see solar panels on a home, you know the person living inside cares about their carbon footprint. If you own solar panels and you’re trying to sell your home, it’s going to be a major selling feature. They lower, and in many cases, offset monthly energy bills.

In years past, no one would consider solar panels something that boosts curb appeal in an aesthetic sense. As the tech has progressed, the panels themselves have gotten more attractive, so they can add to the look of your home rather than detract from it.

At O’Donnell, we’re at the forefront of the solar panel boom in the Philadelphia suburbs. We’ve got plenty of experience and expertise with solar energy, so if you’re thinking about installing panels, we’re the best choice.

Finding Roofing Trends That Work for You

These roofing trends will all add curb appeal to your home one way or another. Whether you like the idea of solar panels or an attractive cedar shake roof, there’s only one place to go for all of your essential roofing tips, repairs, and maintenance.

O’Donnell Roofing has been helping The Main Line homeowners for nearly 100 years. No matter what you need, contact us and we’ll make sure your roof is always serving you well.

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