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Does a Damaged Roof Impact Home Value?

close up of a damaged roof with asphalt shingles

A damaged roof not only negatively impacts your home’s value, but the integrity of the rest of your home as a whole. Even a small hole is enough to do serious damage to the tune of thousands of dollars if left unchecked. Not only that, the price of your home’s resale value is likely to plummet because of it.

If you’re concerned your property may have sustained damage to its roof, it’s time to investigate. A damaged roof is the kind of thing to fix ASAP before things get considerably worse and your home loses value permanently.

If your roof is leaking or showing visible signs of damage, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more!

A Damaged Roof and Real Estate Value

It’ll come as no surprise that a roof that has been neglected and is showing clear signs of damage will reduce the value of a home. The last thing a prospective buyer wants to do is pay top dollar for a property with serious roof damage. As a homeowner, one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your property is to make sure your roof is in good condition.

The process of repairing a roof to the exacting standards of a roof inspector requires the help of trained professionals. In most cases, a professional roofer will be able to assess your roof and explain what needs to be repaired to get it up to code. After giving the roof a thorough look over, the work that needs to be done will be explained and you’ll be given a quote.

Once your roof is repaired the value of your home will increase dramatically. Real estate agents are required by law to describe each home they show to potential buyers accurately. With a freshly repaired roof, they not only can avoid having to tell buyers that the roof needs work, but they can explain it’s freshly repaired and won’t need work for years to come.

Annual Roof Inspection

To assure yourself your house is in its best condition, regular inspections on roofs 20+ years old are vital to its health, and roof repairs go a long way to ensure peace of mind. An inspection once a year will stave off the worst-case scenario of a leak going unnoticed for years in a row. Consistent rain damage over the years is enough to jeopardize the structural integrity of your roof severely, not to mention its value.

This can happen without any obvious indication. The only warning you get is when a beam finally rots through, causing a partial collapse of your roof. By this point, what was once an easy fix has become a financial nightmare.

If you’re lucky you’ll notice a wet spot on the ceiling so you can investigate further. If no obvious signs appear in due time, serious damage can occur while you’re completely oblivious. Booking an annual inspection takes worry out of the equation!

These inspections are also helpful to keep track of to show prospective buyers you’ve been keeping on top of things. Inspection dates throughout the years go a long way to assure buyers of your roof’s structural integrity, and your home will fetch a higher price for the trouble. 

roof maintenance

Essential Roof Maintenance

Roofs aren’t often thought of as a part of our homes that require maintenance and care. So long as they’re keeping the wind and rain out, we don’t give them much thought. In reality, there are a few aspects to keep an eye out for to ensure your roof is good for years to come.

The growth of moss might contribute to a natural look, but it holds water like a sponge and can cause structural damage. Moss also has a habit of sliding down your roof blocking gutters and other drainage solutions. Annual roof maintenance care is a perfect opportunity to scrape off and dispose of this particular problem.

Broken tiles are also a common issue that regularly appears over time. These are most commonly caused by the contraction and expansion of hairline cracks that appear over years. Eventually, a tile will crack completely, exposing the more vulnerable materials beneath the elements.

Internal water damage will lower your property value far more than a few cracked tiles. It’s the damage that an ignored issue causes over time that leads to an eventual huge dive in property value. For this reason alone is why we offer roof maintenance plans to all of our customers who have received repair work from us. This will help us keep an eye on the roof over time and address any other issues before they get worse.

Quick Fixes

If you’ve been caught short and need to protect your home from the worst of the rain, you can patch the area yourself. It doesn’t have to be pretty to keep the water out, and a patch is better than nothing while you wait for the professionals to arrive. Only attempt this if you have a sturdy ladder and feel capable of safely gaining access to your roof.

Throwing a tarp over the area is a good solution if you’re unsure where exactly the leak is situated. This will be a lot easier if your roof is made from a material you can nail to. If you have a tiled roof, you can weigh the tarp with tiles or something similar.

If you know exactly where the problem is, you can plug a hole with silicone for a quick and dirty solution. It’s important to remember that anything left unsecured on a roof is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Any item falling from such a height could strike and injure or possibly even kill someone.

Only resort to attempting to fix the problem yourself if the issue is dire and professional help isn’t available immediately.

Your Top Choice— O’Donnell Roofing Co.

If your roof is over 15 years old or has visible issues, you’ve come to the right place. We are one of the few roofing companies in the area that offer repair work and roof maintenance plans! The weather is known to be unpredictable and to turn on a dime from clear skies to torrential rain and floods, so it’s best not to take your chances with a damaged roof before it’s too late.We’re happy to provide answers and solutions to all your roofing needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

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