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Even the strongest home exterior can become susceptible to storm damage when the weather takes a tumultuous turn. Coping with storm damage can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone! At O’Donnell Roofing, we’re here to provide support when the going gets tough. Our team specializes in prompt and dependable storm damage repairs, serving the residents of Newton Square and its surrounding areas.

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O'Donnell was very good in every way for my roof replacement.

Phillip D., Plymouth Meeting


Many thanks to O’Donnell Solar. They have been a pleasure to work with, professional and knowledgeable and most importantly: personable! They were able to maintain the esthetics of an older home (slate…

Jessica K., Bethlehem


I called this company an was met with professionalism from start to finish. Everyone was informative and answered all my questions. They were able to accommodate my need to get the job…

Frank N., Broomall


O’Donnell Roofing is great!  They helped me with redoing work that was not done correctly by another company. O’Donnell is professional and their men are courteous, neat and well trained. I recommend…

Anita B., Ardmore


I recently had repairs done to my chimney (flashing).  The two man crew arrived as scheduled at 8:30.  I met them and they described what they were going to be doing.  They…

Diane D., Wynnewood


Everything went very well. The work was all good and done in an very timely manner, I am very satisfied!

Stephanie C., Ridley Park


Our overall experience with O'Donnell roofing had been outstanding in all aspects of our project including communication, craftsmanship and cleanliness. Our roof turned out beautifully!  Being in business ourselves in the building…

Marc D., Newtown Square


I needed a repair to my solar system & Chris and his team came out and gave me a price and scope of work to fix system. They were able to clean…

Steven W., Lafayette Hill


Great company and very knowledgeable. I had some unusual problems and they went above and beyond to diagnose and resolve.

Jim S., Morton



Stop Storm Damage Today!

At O’Donnell, your satisfaction is always our top priority. We understand that addressing storm damage requires a swift response, and that’s precisely what we offer. You can rely on us for rapid roof and siding repairs when you need them most. We provide you with a detailed estimate, ensuring complete transparency so you can plan for your repairs in advance. Should any issues arise, rest assured that our exceptional warranty coverage will safeguard your homewithout any additional expenses.

5 Common Signs of Storm Damage

siding in bad shapeStorms can wreak havoc on your home. Your roof and siding tend to suffer the most. Whether it’s a thunderstorm, hailstorm, or hurricane, severe weather can inflict significant damage to your home exterior, potentially resulting in costly repairs. Protecting your investment and your family’s safety means recognizing the telltale signs of storm damage.

1) Missing or Loose Shingles:

Powerful storm winds can lift or displace shingles, or even tear them off entirely. Examine your roof for any absent or misplaced shingles, as they expose your home to potential leaks and further damage.

2) Hail Impact:

Hail can create dents and marks on your roof’s surface and on your siding. These seemingly minor blemishes weaken your roof’s integrity and can lead to leaks over time.

3) Water Stains on Ceilings:

The presence of water stains on your ceilings or walls is a clear indicator of a roof leak. Storms can damage the roofing material, allowing water to seep into your home. Immediate action is essential to prevent further interior damage.

4) Cracked or Split Shingles:

Extreme temperature fluctuations during a storm can cause your shingles to expand and contract, resulting in cracks or splits. These damaged shingles should be replaced to maintain your roof’s protective barrier.

5) Compromised Flashing and Gutters:

Strong winds and heavy rain can dislodge flashing around roof penetrations and damage gutters. These components play a vital role in directing water away from your roof and foundation, making their integrity crucial.



Step 1:


When you reach out to us, we’ll take the time to get to know a little about you and your home so we can make an appropriate recommendation upfront.

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Step 2:


We’ll schedule a time to come to your home and do a thorough inspection. This consultation will give us a better understanding of your situation and what you envision for your home.

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Step 3:


After we inspect your home, we’ll identify the best possible solution to get you the results you deserve. This includes getting an accurate estimate in place and signing off on next steps.

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Step 4:


Once you’ve signed the proposal, we can get to work! Whether it’s replacing a damaged roof or getting you new siding or solar panels to enhance your home — we’ll do it all with trust and transparency.

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Work With Your Local Roofing Experts!

Navigating damage to your home exterior can be challenging, even for seasoned homeowners. At O’Donnell Roofing, we offer over a century of expertise at your disposal. Storm damage often involves insurance, and we’re here to provide support! Whether you need a comprehensive inspection report or active assistance with filing an insurance claim, we’ll stand by your side until the job is completed.


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Can I get a free estimate?

Yes we offer free inspections that include an estimate with our recommendations.

Can I finance my roofing project?

Yes! Easily apply for financing through our partner, Greensky.

Do you offer insurance claims assistance?

Absolutely! We help homeowners navigate the complex process of insurance claims, helping them get their questions answered and take the proper steps to ensure the claim amount is accurate, to get the job done right.

How do I know when to repair vs. when to replace my roof?

If your roof is over 20 years old, there’s visible damage or roof leaks, it may be time to replace the roof. However, it’s best to have one of our experts take a look at it and give you an honest recommendation.

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